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NW Pressure Washing Service Terms and Conditions of Service


NW Pressure Washing Service has high expectations of our employees and we want all expectations to be clear and transparent to our customers as well. We would like our customers to be fully informed of all services performed on their property. Please read the following Terms and Conditions and if you have any questions regarding this document please reach out to us.


We require that you have read and understood the terms and conditions before we will start work.


By Accepting or agreeing to the estimate / invoice via email or in person the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions.


Description of Binding Agreement

These terms and conditions serve as a binding agreement between the property owner, and/or representative of the owner hereby identified as “Client” and NW Pressure Washing Service and its owners, employees, and subcontractors hereby identified as “company,” for the execution of services in exchange for payment for residential or commercial exterior pressure washing services(which can also include non pressure washing services such as site prep). The services that NW Pressure Washing Service provides are subject to the following terms and conditions. NW Pressure Washing Service reserves the right to update the terms and conditions any time without notice to the Client.

You can review the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the Terms and Conditions links on our website, and attached via email correspondence. A hard copy of the Term and Conditions can be obtained by request as well.



  • The Client agrees to allow NW Pressure Washing Service on the property for the purposes of completing the services described in the estimate and/or invoice.

  • The Client understands that the service(s) may be completed in the timeframe given during the estimate. However, there could be circumstances where the date of service needs to be postponed or extended due to weather, or the project is more extensive than expected. During these situations the company will schedule the service to be completed during the next available service date.

  • NW Pressure Washing Service also has the permission to visit the property to assess service requirements prior to the date of service, as well as to assess quality of work after the job has completed.


Water Usage:

  • Client agrees to allow NW Pressure Washing Service to use their residential and/or commercial water source via outdoor spigot, which will be turned on and easily accessible during the desired service date.

  • If on well water, or if the Client has low water pressure or volume, Client agrees to inform the NW Pressure Washing Service before the service date and will avoid using any water during the cleaning service, to ensure a proper cleaning of the desired area.

  • NW Pressure Washing Service does not use the property owners power as our equipment is gas powered. We only use a spigot for water.

  • To ensure our quality of service, all technicians are required to take before and after photos. NW Pressure Washing Service will not be held accountable for previously damaged spigots. Client will be informed of any previously noted damage. NW Pressure Washing Service will not be held accountable for any issues within or outside the home that is not related to the cleaning service.


Risks and Releases of Liability Acknowledgement:

  • NW Pressure Washing Service uses safe techniques with the use of low pressure (Softwash) on delicate surfaces such as siding. Damage can still occur to any delicate surface due to poor maintenance, neglect to the property and or lower grade building materials.  

  • Prior to washing, any areas of concern need to be addressed by the homeowner to insure a watertight seal. This will prevent damage. The homeowner assumes all the risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to improper maintenance.

  • On the date of service, the company will note any pre-existing damage and take photos of noted damage.

  • If any new damage is found during the cleaning process, the company will cease all cleaning efforts until the Client can see the damage and acknowledge its existence.

  • Client understands that NW Pressure Washing Service has set procedures to ensure plant life around the area of cleaning is protected. Client understands that any cleaning scheduled during midday could lead to the potential for leaf burn as water can get on the plants during the cleaning process. If any issues arise with plants around the cleaning area, the company will evaluate and inform the Client.


Exterior Cleaning Acknowledgement:


  • Client understands that any blemish or flaw or any existing oxidation will be more noticeable after cleaning. Vinyl siding that has not been maintained or has constant sun exposure may be susceptible to oxidation. Signs of oxidation are as follows: chalky white powder on siding and the clear luster removed. Please understand if your property suffers from oxidation, you may see this more clearly after a cleaning.

  • If you have vinyl siding, you also have drain/ventilation holes called weep holes. These holes are made by the manufacturer to allow ventilation and condensation to drain out. However, these holes get clogged with bugs, debris, dirt etc. When we do the cleaning, our solution pulls out the dirt and debris. During the drying process the leftover debris and water can drain from these holes and look like dirt residue running down. This normally occurs on sections of siding that have the heaviest buildup of grime. This will come off with the morning dew, garden hose or rain. It is not a stain and it is not permanent. If the weep hole runs are heavy, we will return to do a full rinse down after a visual inspection.

  • Client understands that we strongly advise that all outside electrical outlets and fixtures are shut off before arrival to complete washing service as an additional precaution.

  • Client also understands that if the estimate is provided site unseen and based on provided photos or use of aerial photographs, that we will not be able to note any flaws in exterior surfaces. If we do a site unseen estimate, the Client understands we are not liable for any unacknowledged flaw and will do our best to point this out at date of cleaning.

  • If water intrusion to the property occurs, NW Pressure Washing Service will not be held responsible. We make every effort to prevent this but due to unavoidable issues we cannot guarantee this at every cleaning.

  • Client must notify the company if there are any surfaces on or near the cleaning site that cannot have any form of our cleaning solution on them.

  • Client also understands that detergents are designed for our cleaning services and will not cause damage to the siding.

  • A basic window wash rinse will be provided to get debris off windows but you could be left with water spots. We do not provide a window cleaning service.

  • We recommend removing screens to allow any debris between the windows and screens to be rinsed clean. Company does not remove screens and it is the Client's responsibility to remove any screens.

  • Our House Wash Service does not include masonry or brick chimneys. 

  • Any cracks in concrete flat work including but limited to driveways, patios and sidewalks will be cleaned using a regulated pressure. Any debris, organic matter, or other material that remains in the cracks of the concrete will not be cleaned a second time with higher pressure. We use a specified pressure to clean all hard surfaces and using a higher pressure than what we recommend can lead to further damage or deterioration of the cracks. What dirt and debris comes up with our regulated pressure cleaning is all that will come up with our cleaning process. However, we will do our best to ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly.


Video Cameras and other Electrical Equipment:

We do not want to risk damaging any video camera equipment, or exterior electronics of any kind while doing the exterior cleaning. Please remove your security cameras and any exterior electrical equipment before your scheduled service date. This includes but is not limited to cameras, string lighting, motion sensors, routers, antennas, smart doorbells etc.

  • Video cameras and electrical equipment must be removed prior to cleaning. This is sensitive equipment that can be damaged easily.

  • If the Client does not remove video cameras and equipment, NW Pressure Washing Service is not liable for any damages that incur to this equipment.

  • If the cameras are not removed, the technician on the day of service will avoid the area and equipment. Usually this can be done by avoiding the equipment with a 1-2 ft radius. However, there is no guarantee that water and or detergent will not get on the device(s).

  • The Client understands that if they choose not to remove any electrical equipment that damages can possibly occur to their equipment.

On the Service Date:

  1. Please have a water spigot turned on and accessible

  2. Please remove all exterior video cameras and equipment.

  3. Please have windows and doors shut

  4. We strongly recommend you shut off all outside electrical outlets and fixtures at the breaker box prior to arrival.

  5. Please have screens removed for better rinsing

  6. Please have all pet’s inside before and during cleaning.

  7. Please clear the work areas of all items to include vehicles, pots, doormats, toys etc.

  8. Please avoid using water during cleaning service to ensure no loss of pressure or volume.

  9. Please stay indoors during the cleaning process

  10. If you are getting a service that requires inside access, we require someone to be available over the age of 18.

We highly suggest the Client shut off power to all exterior outlets that are not covered with exterior covers.


Please be advised we charge a $75.00 service fee for residential and $300 service fee for commercial projects for any cancellations or rescheduling of a project due to an unprepared property we are scheduled to service. This includes non accessible water access, and vehicles/obstructions in the work area. Please be sure to have the site prepped and ready on the service date.

If you require special accommodations to ensure your jobsite is ready please let us know prior to your service date.


Content Release and Use:

  • Client agrees to allow NW Pressure Washing Service to utilize any photos, videos, reviews, or descriptions of the property in the context of advertising for the company.

  • NW Pressure Washing Service will not photograph any persons only property and cleaning processes. The company will use these photos, videos, or descriptions without any compensation to the Client.

  • The media will be solely used for advertising and training purposes. The Client agrees not to seek punitive action in a civil court or law regarding the use of the above media. We will not include sensitive information such as addresses or names.

  • If the Client agrees to allow the company to display a sign for marketing on their property, it will remain in effect for no more than seven days.

If Any Damage Occurs:

  • NW Pressure Washing Service will be obligated under our terms and conditions for any damage that was a direct result of operator error, negligence, or willful misconduct.

  • Damages must be discovered and reported to NW Pressure Washing Service within 3 days of completion of service.

  • NW Pressure Washing Service will be allowed 30 calendar days from the date of written receipt to inspect the premises and have the sole option in repairing or contracting repair to any damages that was a result of negligence.


Payment Terms:

  • Payments for all commercial jobs are due 24 hours prior to the service date.

  • If the job is canceled refunds will be issued immediately and could take 7 to 10 days to process.

  • Net30 is not accepted for any commercial work. 

  • For residential work payment is due upon completion of work unless other arrangements were made between the Client and company.

  • For residential services we require payment while we are onsite or prior to the service date.

  • If the person paying for services is not onsite, a payment is required before the start of your service.

  • We accept all forms of payment, to include cash, check or credit. If paying with credit, you can pay onsite or through your emailed invoice.

  • Checks are only accepted on a limited basis. If you would like to pay with a check prior authorization is required. Please contact us for check payment guidelines. Checks can be made out to NW Pressure Washing Service.

  • A 50% deposit is required for projects over $2000. This deposit is non-refundable and will go towards the cost of the project. The deposit is not in addition to the total cost. This deposit is due two weeks before the service date.

  • A $45.00 processing fee will be assessed for any returned checks.


Acceptance to Terms:

  1. By accepting an estimate either by email, Square, or verbally the Client agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement, the Client authorizes NW Pressure Washing Service to do the work as specified on the estimate.

  2. You release our company from property damage unless negligence or willful misconducts cause it.

  3. NW Pressure Washing Service is not responsible for damage to loose siding, paint, wood, trim or windows that were previously noted as damage or found during the pre-inspection walk through.


NW Pressure Washing Service stands behind our work. If you are not satisfied, please contact us, so we can resolve any issues regarding your services.


Thank You for choosing NW Pressure Washing Service

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