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  • What is a soft wash?
    Soft wash is a popular pressure washing best practice used to clean delicate surfaces that would otherwise be damaged with higher-pressure methods. Pressure coming out of the hose is generally under 500 PSI. This method is very effective with killing mold and mildew without the use of high pressure. The detergent applied will have a dwell time to really penetrate the troubled areas, after that, a low pressure rinse is applied.
  • How does a soft wash work?
    The soft wash method uses detergents and solutions to break down caked on dirt and grime on a surface. Instead of forcing pressurized water at the surface (as is the case with high pressure washing), the detergents and solutions settle and slowly eat away at the grime. This makes soft wash a safer alternative, especially for residential properties.
  • What are the benefits of soft washing?
    The main benefit of the soft wash is how delicate it is. Soft wash has scientific benefits that go beyond just low pressure. When detergents or solutions are sprayed onto the surface they break down the mildew and algae. Bacteria is being eliminated off the surface with this method.
  • What makes high-pressure washing effective?
    Kintetic energy is energy in motion, and that’s exactly what’s happening when water shoots out of a pressure washing machine at it’s dirty target. Think of each tiny water molecule as a tiny hammer hitting the surface of what’s being washed. The pressurized energy beats away at whatever’s on the surface, generally resulting in a ‘like new’ shine!
  • What detergents do you use?
    We use a variety of cleaning solutions depending on the job and soil levels. For a soft house wash we use a mild chlorine based soap solution that has great results. Most all concrete surfaces are treated with out any detergents, just high pressure water.
  • Are my plants/vegetation safe?
    Yes, we take the proper steps to ensure all vegetation is safe. Including pre-rinse,post-rinse and cover if needed.
  • How long does a house wash take?
    This all depends on the size, architectural design of a building and soil levels. A typical 2000 Sq Ft two story house takes about an hour or two, give or take.
  • Do you use my water?
    Yes, this will require the property owner to have a working out door spigot that has a minimum 4 gallon per minute output (most spigots have that output). A pressure washer uses about 80% less water then a garden hose. According to the Portland Water Bereau 1.5 gallons is one penny. The average house wash uses around 240 gallons, that equals around $2.40 in water usage. We factor water usage in all of our bids.
  • Do you pressure wash roofs?
    Yes, We offer a low-pressure treatment for roofs of single-story homes that have asphalt shingles. Our roof/driveway treatment eliminates mold and moss on contact. However, it may take some time for the moss to fully disappear.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes, we offer Veterans with proof of sevice and Seniors over 65 a 10% discount. Also, customers that add an additional sevice will receive a discount on that service starting at 5%.
  • What type of surfaces do you clean?
    Driveways, RV Pads Patios, Retaining Walls Decks, Enteryways Fences, Paths Concrete, Brick Pavers, Asphalt Wood, Stairs Sidewalks, Sport Court Tennis/Basketball Curbs, Aggregate Lawn Furniture, Pool enclosure
  • How do I pay?
    Once a service date is set up we will collect some basic information including your email address, you will receive a email invoice prior to our arrival. You can pay via email invoice or pay the technician on your service date. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay
  • Do I have to be home?
    No, many of our customers are not present on the service date. Simply use the email invoice payment method to make a payment. Please note if you are not present an accepted payment needs to be made before service starts.
  • Do you stain or seal wood decks or fences?
    No, we don’t seal or stain. We only clean!
  • Do you seal driveways?
    No, we only clean them!
  • Do you wash windows?
    We do not service window cleaning, although when a house wash is preformed the windows get cleaned by the solution and rinse methods used, resulting in clean spotless windows.
  • Do you clean out gutters?
    No we do not clean them out but we will clean the outsides with our House wash.
  • What is the Free sidewalk cleaning deal?
    We offer a Free 20ft sidewalk cleaning with purchase of any sevice we offer. We want to make you smile!
  • Do you offer buy now pay later options?
    Yes. We offer afterpay through our payment processing provider.

Billing & Pricing

Payments Accepted

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay 

Cancellation Policy

Please advise us at least 24hrs in advance of cancellation 

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied we will do what ever it takes to keep our customers happy. We are a small business and highly value our customers.  

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