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Why Choose NW Pressure Washing Service?

We are a full service Pressure Washing Company Serving the Portland and Salem Oregon Metro Areas.

When starting our business we had a few key ideas that we wanted to highlight. First we wanted upfront and honest pricing. We did not want our customers having to call simply to get a price. So, we listed our prices on our website, easy to find, so anyone can get an idea on how much their pressure washing project could cost.

We also wanted to provide free estimates on commercial jobs since those prices are harder to provide online without any project scope.

We also provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. Customer service is at the forefront of our business. If you are not happy with your job either are we. We are open and upfront with all our customers.

At NW Pressure Washing Service we make sure our technicians are well trained. We do not start any job without knowing what we are getting into. With this approach we can confidently provide great satisfaction to all our customers.

Lastly, we value our community and provide a community service program to historical properties around the Salem Portland area. See our Community Services Page for more details.

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