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Pressure Washing Tips for Homeowners #1


Many homeowners are unaware of the difference between softwash and high pressure cleaning. This is understandable, however when you are pressure washing your own property, it is critical to know when high pressure is too much pressure. Not all pressure washing requires high pressure. High pressure should only be used on hard surfaces like concrete, and never on house siding or decking. Softwash is a popular pressure washing best practice used to clean delicate surfaces that would otherwise be damaged with higher-pressure methods.

The pressure coming out of the hose is generally under 500 PSI (which is considered lower pressure). This method is very effective with killing mold and mildew without the use of high pressure. The first step in this method is to apply detergent to the surface. The detergent will need a dwell time to really penetrate the troubled areas, after that, the second step is to apply a low pressure rinse. After your rinse, you may find you need another final rinse and then you are done.

Just keep in mind, you can clean without high pressure if it is done the right way.

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