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High pressure washing is a powerful technique for cleaning driveways, patios, houses, warehouses, parking lots, and other surfaces. It uses a high pressure hose to forcefully push water and detergent against the surface being cleaned for a thorough clean. This method is effective at removing tough dirt and debris, mildew, mold, and even graffiti. Regular high power washing also helps to protect surfaces from future build up.

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Another benefit of pressure washing is that it is an eco-friendly cleaning method. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, which often rely on harsh chemicals and detergents, pressure washing uses only water and a small amount of cleaning solution, making it a safer and more sustainable option. In addition, pressure washing can help reduce water usage compared to other cleaning methods, as the high-pressure water stream can clean surfaces more quickly and efficiently, using less water overall.

Overall, pressure washing can offer a range of benefits for both residential and commercial properties in Portland, Oregon. From improving the appearance of buildings to promoting a safe and healthy environment, pressure washing is a versatile and effective cleaning method that can help property owners maintain their investments for years to come.


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