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For commercial properties, pressure washing can offer a number of benefits as well. In addition to improving the appearance of buildings, pressure washing can also help maintain a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers. For example, high power washing can help remove grease and oil buildup from parking lots, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. It can also be used to clean and sanitize exterior surfaces, such as outdoor seating areas and playgrounds, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.


Water Recovery System.
  • 駐車場 

  • 店先

  • ドライブスルー

  • 縁石

  • 日除け

  • サイン

  • 歩道/歩道

  • 建設のクリーンアップ

  • 階段と踊り場

  • シールコーティングの準備

  • アパート

  • 遊び場設備 

  • 船積みドック

  • 装置

  • スポーツコート 



** $ 2000を超える仕事の場合-50%の保証金が必要です**

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